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Cereal Killers is the cult "real food" documentary featuring world famous sports scientist, Professor Tim Noakes MD as he guides one man through a 28 day, whole foods, high fat, sugar and wheat free diet, in a bid to prevent the heart disease and diabetes prevalent in his family - with remarkable results.

In his bid to hack his genes and drop dead healthy, 41 year old Donal O'Neill spent 3 years researching the food and exercise protocol you will see in the movie.

The resulting blend of pro fat, "sugar and wheat free" foods with a very specific exercise regime - confined to just 8 minutes maximal effort per week - meant no broadcaster would commission the highly controversial project.

Cereal Killers will challenge your belief system as it relates to

  1. Food - what exactly is "healthy" food?
  2. Exercise - just how important is it and how do you really get lean?
  3. Weight Loss - have we all been looking the wrong way?
  4. Vitality - why do our energy levels rise and fall - and how can you fix that today?
  5. Cholesterol - what you (and your doc) really need to know.
  6. Type 2 Diabetes - is it 100% avoidable?

This cult classic has also been challenging - and outranking - the biggest health food documentaries of the last 10 years on IMDB and Amazon.

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