Blvd Foods' easy to use premixes make healthy living accessible. Our premixes are delicious and quick to prepare. Keep healthy eating simple. Mix. Bake. Enjoy!

What’s with the name Banting Blvd?

Seasoned Banters, LCHF Enthusiasts and Health Fundies alike will be familiar with the negative-feedback relationship between insulin and glucagon in the blood. Simply put, it is how the body controls blood glucose spikes and lows.

This inspired a “wow” moment for our founder upon realising the importance of how low carb lifestyles allow individuals to consistently maintain normal blood glucose levels. Remaining in this zone is essential for weight loss and insulin management.

The Boulevard symbolises how healthy eating isn’t a quick fix but rather a long term journey. Banting Blvd is here to join you on your way and help you stick to the straight and narrow.

What's with the name Happy Being Co?

Our mission is to create awareness around the benefits of cooking with whole foods and adding extra nutrients into your daily diet. We believe everyone deserves to feel and look their best, and that our food premixes and products can help get you there with the dietary requirements that suit your lifestyle best. Whether it's plant-based or gluten-free, it’s time to live, grow and glow into your happiest self with us.

The Happy Being Co Range includes collagen, gluten-free and vegan premixes. All easy-to-make, full of flavour and good for you!