4 ways our No-Bake Chocolate Bark Premix will transform your life
July 10, 2018

4 ways our No-Bake Chocolate Bark Premix will transform your life

If your chocolate of choice leaves you feeling low-energy, unsatisfied and full of brain fog, it’s time to say bye-bye to the too-sweet treat and hello to our No-Bake Chocolate Bark Premix that’s packed with antioxidants and feel-really-good ingredients. Here are three reasons why you should get your hands on the premix ASAP…

Health is a long-term journey, and their should be treats along the way.
And by treats, we mean low-carb choccie! Allowing yourself an occasional treat is what life’s all about. And what’s better than a wholefood indulgence that has no added sugar or artificial ingredients?

Go nuts for coconuts!
Simply mix melted coconut oil into the No-Bake Chocolate Bark Premix and you’re an instant world-class healthy chocolatier. Coconut oil is our hero ingredient with amazing energy-boosting qualities that make your skin glow and keep you satiated. That means you’ll keep sweet-tooth cravings to a minimum while indulging in this one. 

Nourishing cocoa
Unlike commercial chocolate that’s loaded with artificial ingredients, our No-Bake Chocolate Bark Premix is made with antioxidant-rich cocoa. Cocoa protects the nervous system, reduces blood pressure and boosts your mood.

No bake. No fuss. No added sugar.
The same goes for all of our No-Bake Premixes. We’re keeping it simple. The time spent between making your guilt-free Chocolate Bake and eating it is short and sweet. All you have to do is mix, eat and repeat.