Hot chocolate fat shake
November 03, 2015

Hot chocolate fat shake

This piece originally appeared on, by Jonno Proudfoot

This appetite-suppressing drink from The Real Meal Revolution is for those who cannot control their hunger or for those who wish to eat less. If you can’t finish it all at once, leave it aside and sip it throughout the day. Always eat until you're satisfied. If you can't get satisfied, get a fat shake.



  1. You can have this hot or cold. For the hot version, warm all of the ingredients in a small saucepan, then blitz with a stick blender. For the cold one, simply blitz and enjoy (you may need to melt the butter and coconut oil in a small pan first).
  2. Using this base, you can add flavourings. Berries, vanilla extract or even some almond or macadamia nut butter are all good choices.