Q&A: Thozama Maluleka with Banting Blvd
August 31, 2018

Q&A: Thozama Maluleka with Banting Blvd

This Women’s Month, we’re honouring the ladies who inspire us to tap into our feminine #GirlBoss powers and live life with intention. That’s why this week, we’d like to introduce you to magnificent mom and health foodie, Thozama Maluleka (@puddin_face). We’ve had the chance to get to know Thozama over on the ‘gram, and what a blessing it has been! Her honesty, humour and fearlessness to be her authentic self inspires us with each post she uploads. Get to know her, and her wise ways below…

What does being a woman mean to you?

I've always seen my womanhood as undoubtedly one of my greatest gifts and attributes, we build, we nurture, we create and that makes us something short of magical! We transform, we adapt, we change, we rise above, we work hard; we work harder! We are strong, we are soft, we are kind but most of all, we are loving! Pure magic I tell you!

As a busy woman and mama, what's your self-care ritual?

My workouts are my 'me time' and while it was hard for me to take that time for myself initially, I now know that my whole family benefits from a healthier happier me. I also eat well, it makes me feel good from the inside out. Also a little facial and some pretty nails never hurt nobody! LOL!

Which powerful #GirlBoss is inspiring you this month?

Without a doubt @sugarfreesundays we are online BFFs LOL! She is years younger than me but I wish I was so aware of my body and its needs at her age. She is also funny and quite knowledgeable on the kind of things that matter to me! 

 What did you dream of doing as a young girl?

Before all things I wanted to be a wife and a mother! LOL! So, in many ways I'm living the dream! I think my mom and my gran made it look so cool and they were always in charge, I wanted to be the boss! But career wise my desires have changed so many times and in so many ways over the years, I've always been really passionate about kids. At some point I wanted to be a teacher, a doctor, and I also wanted to be a talk show host at some point.

What foods fuel you to be your best self?

Nothing beats eggs and bacon!!!! And anything with cream...

Lastly, what’s your favourite motivational mantra?

I am not afraid to start from the bottom, I am not afraid to be a beginner, I am not afraid to learn, I am not afraid of hard work. Success begins at the end of failure!