Q&A: Rita Fernandes Venter with Banting BLVD
August 08, 2018

Q&A: Rita Fernandes Venter with Banting BLVD

This Women’s Month, we’re honouring the ladies who inspire us to tap into our feminine #GirlBoss powers and live life with intention. That’s why this week, we’d like to introduce you to a self-confessed bacon freak: Rita. She’s the inspiring woman behind the Banting 7 Day Meal Plan Facebook group that is currently at 1, 437, 888 members (and still growing!). Rita is an influential and instrumental #LCHF hero. She’s changed the Banting Blvd team’s lives forever, and we can’t wait for you to get to know her…

How did the idea of starting the B7DMP group come along?
The idea for B7DMP started because I wanted to help people improve their health. I wanted to create a community that was free from judgment, fat shaming and bias. I succeeded.

What does being a woman mean to you?
Being a woman means being an influencer both at home and in the world. It’s a great responsibility to prepare our children for life through strength and love.

As a busy woman, what's your self-care ritual?

I am terrible with self-care. There’s always something more important to do. If it doesn’t happen in the shower, it’s not going to happen. Wash face and hair, slap on some moisturiser and job done.

Which powerful #GirlBoss is inspiring you this month?

I admire the strength and intelligence of Rhedi Thlabi. She’s level-headed, unbiased and magnificent. Her strength shines through whenever she speaks.

What did you dream of doing as a young girl?

As a young girl? I wanted to be one of the Famous 5, of course.

What foods fuel you to be your best self?

I must admit that I’m a bacon freak. If someone says, “that’s too much bacon” I unfriend them because their judgment cannot be trusted. I’m fueled on fat.

Favourite motivational mantra?

Bant, not because you hate your body but because you love it.