Top it off: flavour combinations for your No-Bake Almond Clusters
July 12, 2018

Top it off: flavour combinations for your No-Bake Almond Clusters

Simply add melted coconut oil to our No-Bake Almond Cluster Premix and you’ve got a go-to treat that’s low carb, gluten free and nourishing. While we love our Almond Clusters as they are, topping them with a little extra something before they go into the fridge to set boosts their flavour and adds even more yummy texture.

Blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries or any-of-your-favourite-berries add a burst of tarte flavour to the clusters. If berries aren’t in season while you’re reading this, frozen berries will do the job just fine.

Pumpkin seeds
These small but mighty seeds are full of antioxidants that get your skin glowing and hair growing. Not only do these power seeds add an extra layer of crunch, they boost the nutritional value in each bite of your almond cluster. 

Sesame seeds
Before placing your almond clusters in the fridge to set, sprinkle a few sesame seeds over them for a crispy, crunchy layer of texture. These yummy seeds are loaded with vitamins and minerals like Iron and Magnesium. You can even turn their flavour level up by toasting the sesame seeds on a hot pan beforehand. 

Goji berries
These tiny pink berries create a chewy, toffee-like texture after being stored in the fridge. Add them to your almond cluster for an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging nutrient boost.